Navaratri comes four times in a year. But the one falling in the Sharad month (autumn) is the most important and celebrated across the country. This year, Navaratri starts on September 21 and ends on September 29.

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The Perfect Corporate Gift

Gifting is an act of giving. When done without expectations or with an eye towards quid-pro-quo, it is noble and cleansing. But corporate gifting falls in no-man’s land. It is a reality of corporate life, yet it is not truly altruistic. More often than not, it is expected of you to dole out gifts during the festive season. As the time approaches and corporate types wonder what this year’s gifting should look like, we wish to open your mind to an alternative thought process.

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blog - Spirituality – an open source software

Spirituality – an open source software

Modify it up as you go along and new understandings reveal themselves.
Spirituality immediately brings to mind an ascetic’s life, sitting cross-legged, eyes closed in meditation, and a rigorous, disciplined life. Not for the modern generation. Spirituality is more like a platform where different ideas and thoughts cohabit and coexist happily. The source code is changed to suit the situation and answers are found to calm the mind in times of stress. One thing that hasn’t changed amidst all this is the starting point. Faith.

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blog - Breaking Good: Cracking the code of the Ancients

Breaking Good: Cracking the code of the Ancients

Make your spiritual journey special with Tatva Yog: friend, philosopher and guide
Knowledge comes in various forms. Experiential, experimental, oral, written. The Vedas were the first and foremost collection of knowledge that was systematically written down to benefit mankind. The Vedas were soon followed by other repositories of information and knowledge. Not always in a book form. Some of them were passed on as Mantras and some as Yantras. Think of them as system memory.

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